Our Philosophy

Spa in a Bottle is a concept that aims to produce natural and organic substitutes for commercially available skincare options. Most of us today use a variety of products in makeup, creams, serums, lotions, shampoos, etc. not knowing that transdermal absorption is one of the main causes of toxin buildup in our bodies.
The world today is overwhelmed with the ideal body image – the pressure to look slim and light coloured is rampant not just for women but for men as well. People turn to poisonous and toxic products as long as they fulfill their requirements to come close to the ideal. We would love to break this stereotype, but in the meantime we hope to provide people with safe and natural alternatives to use.
The serums that Spa in a Bottle makes are blends of pure essential and carrier oils, which are of pristine quality. The Essential Oils are from certified vendors, since none are produced locally, and the Carrier Oils are freshly prepared from local rural vendors. The powder grounds used for the Masks and Scrubs are also grown, harvested and ground locally in true “desi style”.
Our most famous product – the 24K Gold Serum – was an inspiration from the Farsali Rose Gold Elixir.  Our product, being completely organic and natural, is very skin friendly and completely amazing. The Magnesium Oil is another amazing product, although not very popular here since few people know about its benefits. It is a water based spray that completely relieves muscular pain related to cramps, fatigue, growing pains and stress. Longer term benefits are numerous and far reaching, This oil basically replenishes the Magnesium deficiency in our bodies, and there are far too many problems associated with a magnesium deficiency. This oil is made as per International Regulations, and is completely safe to use for all ages and skin types.
We believe that the local industry should benefit from all and any enterprise; the spirit of job creation and sharing into the profits and revenues from people of means like ourselves is very important. We have the knowledge, ability and access that many in Pakistan do not, and it is our failure as good citizens when we withhold buying from local vendors and buy internationally. We are a close knit team who work hard to make the Spa in a Bottle experience become a reality.
So very proud to be Made in Pakistan.