Q) How do I place an order online?

You can place your order by adding products from our website into your cart. Then, check out after providing us your complete contact details. All orders are delivered using Cash in Delivery, within 3-5 days of ordering.

Q) Where all do you ship ?

We ship Nationwide as well as UAE. Please contact order@spainabottle.net for further information/inquires.

 Q) How long do your products keep for?

All our products usually have a natural life of 6-8 months after opening. It is important to correctly store our products correctly, under 35°C and out of direct sunlight.

Q) Are there any side effects to using your product?

All our products are 100% natural and completely chemical free. We strongly advise people not to confuse “effect” with “side effect”. Natural ingredients are also packed with potent impact, so ALWAYS perform a patch test – apply a small amount of the product under your ear and neck to check for any allergies. A few of our products cause skin redness and tingling and that is completely normal.

Q) How do I choose products which are right for me?

We have given extensive details regarding our products with each picture. Otherwise you can get always get a free consultation from one of our sales specialists to help determine which products are right for you by messaging us on Facebook, Instagram or by emailing us at order@spainabottle.net

Q) Are your products safe for use by pregnant women?

Our products are safe for use by pregnant women. However, a doctors advice is always beneficial if you are worried.

Q) How long do your products take to show results?

Some of our products give results very quickly (within a couple of days) such as 24K Gold Serum and Instant Glow Mask. However, some products take longer to show results as they cater to problems which take longer to heal e.g. our Under Eye Serum.

Q) Are online deals and prices also available in stores?

Our online prices are Rs. 100 below the retail market price, and the product combos available at discounted prices are only available online.

Q) Are your products completely natural? Where do you get their ingredients from?

Yes, our products are 100% natural. We import the essential oils required from European countries while most of the herbs for the masks are extracted locally.

Q) Do you sell essential oils?

Currently we are not selling essential oils.

Q) I have received my parcel but do not know how to open the serums or use the dropper.

Please twist the METAL bit of the cap in an anticlockwise direction (not the white rubber part). You might have to twist with a little force since we close tightly to avoid leakages. Once the cap is unscrewed, squeeze the white rubber part of the dropper on the top. This will squeeze some of the serum up, then take the dripper out and squeeze again on your finger and the drops will come out.

Q) Do you have a bank transfer option or just cash on delivery?

Yes, we do have a bank transfer option. Orders will be processed upon proof of payment via inboxing us on Facebook. (www.facebook.com/spainabottlebyrabia)