Rida Ahmed, Karachi


I have been using their products for almost 3 months and my skin has never looked or felt better. Recently I was taking certain medication which caused excessive breakout all over my face, that’s when I decided to try organic oils to cater to my problematic skin. You know the products are working when people comment on how your skin looks healthier and brighter – much improved as compared to the earlier months. The Anti Acne serum has been a blessing; it dries off the worst of pimples leaving behind almost no scars – with regular use on the scar, the marks seem to be fading away but as of right now they are still there. The 24K Gold serum keeps my skin well hydrated during the day without making it excessively oily, which even the dermatologist recommended moisturizers wouldn’t do as I have super oily skin – this product has been godsend. It has become my go to product for moisturizing or priming my face for makeup application. The Youthful Glow Serum not only hydrates the skin but I feel it rejuvenates the skin overnight. I have oily skin but I would wake up with dry patches all over my face, however ever since I’ve been using this, I wake up with absolutely no dry patches and I feel my face has a natural glow to it without any oily residue. Lastly, the Under Eye serum claims to reduce the dark circles, which hasn’t happened for me yet, however it does keep my super wrinkly and dry under eye area well moisturized and appear smoother.

I absolutely love their products and would highly recommend them to everyone.


 Javaria Siddiqua, Pakistan
Hi beautiful souls!
Hope y'all are doing well!
Today,I'm reviewing @spainabottlebyrabia 24k gold serum.
It claims to blend in to provide cell regeneration,maintaining skin elasticity,evening out the skin tone,fighting pigmentation and reducing the appearance of fine lines.
This oil is made with rosehip seed oil,evening primrose oil,pomegranate oil,lemongrass oil,pumpkin seed oil,apricot oil,sweet almond oil and jojoba oil.
So,I love the sturdy pretty bottle with a dropper it comes in.Just few days back,serums were all in hype and trends.For me it really hydrated and moisturised my skin.It worked pretty well as a lip hydrator and face primer.My skin was all radiant and glowy.It had this lemongrass-tangy smell to it which fades away tho.But the biggest set back for me was 'breakouts'.
So it became a complete 'no' for me and now I use it as a lip hydrator only.But it suited my friend really well who has dry-non acne skin.
Anyways,I feel @spainabottlebyrabia is doing a great job and wish them good luck for future.I'd love to try their other products too.


 Mehroz Baig, Karachi
Hello, ok so I ordered two products from you that is 24k gold serum and Essence for myself and to be very honest seriously your product quality is amazing and packaging is way too good.
I didn't expected this much from you guys 
you guys are seriously seriously amazing in terms of skin care products and InShaALLAH in future will be ordering more products from you , thank you so much for being this much affordable and amazing. Lots of love & Best wishes



 Mariam Shah, Pakistan

So I started using spa in a bottle’s products around a month back and I use it regularly for better results. They are just amazing. I have ordered many products which are:

Anti acne serum
24k gold serum
Rose elixir serum
Youth serum
Bentonite clay 
Anti imperfection licorice mask
Pure aelovera gel 
Organic daily face wash

My skin is sensitive and I have acne and I also had acne scars all over my face. Just by using all these products regularly my acne and acne scars are reduced by 80% and I have a glowing skin now. All products are 100% natural so no side effect and that is what I love about them. 

The only negative comment I want to give is the amount of anti acne serum is really less as compared to the price. Its just 5 ml for Rs 500 which hardly lasts for 10 days. Please increase the quantity of anti acne serum as it is the best product of spa in a bottle.