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Derma Roller 1mm

Derma Roller 1mm

Rs.2,200.00 PKR

This Derma roller is made with 540 Titanium Needles

Using a dermaroller at home is a safe, simple, and cheap treatment for:

-acne scarring


-fine lines and Wrinkles

-loss of skin firmness

-Age Spots

-Hair Loss/ Alopecia

1mm (for people with deeper scars and hyperpigmentation)

Trying the following tips and best practices may help to improve your dermarolling results:

-Apply a Serum before use to prep the skin

-apply anti-aging serums after treatment, follow with a moisturiser

-use sunscreen in the days after use

-keep away from area immediately around the eyes

-avoid use around areas of infected acne never share the device with another person

-Always use a soft toothbrush to clean the roller after use and then store