This amazing 100% activated charcoal that is an excellent detox and may be used in a variety of ways. Please google the numerous ways of using it for face masks, teeth cleaning and pore minimizing.

 Suitable for ALL AGES and ALL SKIN TYPES

Comes in a Plastic Jar

Suggestions for USE:

Charcoal Peel Off Mask
1 Tbs of Gelatin
1 tsp of Activated Charcoal
1tsp of our Skin Renewing Scrub into a bowl
1-2 table spoons of boiling water
mix well with a spoon to form a thick paste. Let is cool down a bit, you don’t want to burn your face, then apply to face. Avoid eye area and all hair zones, as the mask will pull hair out. Wait for it to dry completely ( 20-30 mins) Then peel off in an upward direction. If the peeling action is painful just apply a bit of water and scrub off, the mask is completely water soluble. Some skin redness afterwards is normal and will subside, follow with our 24k Serum.
Charcoal for Hair Removal
-1/2 tsp Charcoal
-1 tsp Chickpea powder (besan)
-3 Tbs Rose water Mix to make a thin paste.
Apply a thin layer on the face and wait for 20-30 mins for it to dry completely till it cracks. Then remove with an upward massage movement. Wash face afterwards.
CHARCOAL Teeth Whitening
Just dip your brush into the Activated Charcoal Powder and brush your teeth like you normally do. Gargle and Rinse. You will see a Visible difference in the shade of your teeth within the first 2 weeks of usage