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Anti-Imperfection Licorice Mask

Anti-Imperfection Licorice Mask

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This amazing Licorice based mask will quickly reduce facial hair, peach fuzz and chin hair, while also providing a bright and glowing complexion. Licorice contains Glabridin which encourages the skin to create its own strengthening connective tissues. It reduces the depth of wrinkles and increase general tone and hydration of the skin, but Glabridin does more than just provide anti-ageing properties! It also evens out skin tone, reduces pigmentation, and brightens complexion.

Usage: Make a thin paste using rose water or tap water (1tsp powder+2tbsp water) then apply a thin layer to the face and wait for it to dry completely. Massage off gently in an upward direction. Apply 2 times a week for best results. May be used daily.

This Mask is used for Feminine areas also to reduce Darkness

Comes in a flip top plastic bottle for easy use


Ingredients - Licorice Powder, Chickpea Powder, Sandalwood Powder, Turmeric Powder

All Skin Types All Ages Pregnancy Safe Cruelty Free  Natural Product