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Daily Skin Care – Dry/Normal Skin

Daily Skin Care – Dry/Normal Skin

Rs.8,250.00 PKR


This bundle fulfils your skin's daily requirements, keeping it supple and fresh.

Morning - Wash face and follow with the Unbelieve-A-Peel and then apply the Aqua Luminizing Essence and follow with the Vitamin C Serum . Apply Sunblock if stepping out

Night - Wash FAce and use the Unvelieve-a Peel on a cotton pad and follow with the Aqua Essence, then the Vitamin C Serum and lastly the Flawless Skin Serum. Apply the mask 2 times a week at night, and skip using the Unbelieve-a-Peel that night 


Flawless Skin 
Instant Glow Mask
Aqua Luminizing Essence
Vitamin C Serum